Dr. tatiana garcia - illinois

by Dr. Tatiana Garcia, USGS Illinois Water Science Center

A picture of Tatiana Garcia.
Photo by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.

From 2012 to 2014, I had the unique opportunity to take part in the National Institutes for Water Resources-U.S. Geological Survey (NIWR-USGS) student internship program. The position allowed me to work on a highly critical and relevant project studying the dynamics of the fate and transport of Asian carp eggs using numerical simulations and laboratory experiments with synthetic surrogate eggs. As part of this project, I developed the FluEgg model, an assessment tool for the evaluation of Asian carp reproduction in spawning rivers.

Working as part of a team of project scientists was a key part of the internship. We evaluated the complex dependencies between flow, temperature and egg development. This information provided resource managers with a range of conditions under which rivers are vulnerable to Asian carp reproduction. Results from this multi-year internship project are useful for scientists, managers and stakeholders both to improve their understanding of the drifting behavior of Asian carp in early life stages and to aid their decision making processes.

The USGS internship was an absolutely wonderful experience. One of the most valuable and rewarding aspects of the internship was the opportunity to work hand-in-hand