New Mexico WRRI Staff Participate in Mexican Expo


The New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute and New Mexico State University’s Water Science & Management graduate program were invited to attend the Agricultural & Water Exposition in Chihuahua City, Mexico along with a delegation from NMSU's College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Science. The Expo was hosted by the state government of Chihuahua and the event can be compared to the annual AgFest held in Santa Fe during the legislative session.

Rod McSherry, one of the NMSU’s representatives to the Expo, said the purpose of the university’s participation was to “wave the NMSU flag in Mexico." Both NMSU and NM WRRI displayed a booth that served as an informational hub to recruit Mexican students to NMSU and to develop partnerships with our respective faculty and students in Mexican universities. Since southern New Mexico and Chihuahua share the same natural environment, the Chihuahuan Desert, we also face similar problems and challenges. The challenges and risks range from drought and climate change to the increasing demands on available water. By encouraging cooperation and dialogue, we can manage our ecosystem better and at the same time share the responsibility of making our home a better place.